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Are you wondering, “Can hypnosis really help me manifest abundance?” Absolutely! Hypnosis helps remove blocks that keep you from having what you want. When those blocks are gone, you can manifest amazing things in your life!

For instance, let’s say you grew up in a family that had a lot of limiting beliefs about money. Maybe you heard things like:
* You have to take advantage of or cheat someone to have money.
* Money doesn’t grow on trees.
* There’s never enough.
* We have to watch our money because we’re broke.
* We can’t _______ because we don’t have the money.
* We’ll never get ahead.
* I have to work hard to make enough to get by.
* That’s too expensive.
* We can’t afford that.

These limiting beliefs become an automatic script that replays subconsciously in the back of your mind. Eventually, these beliefs become reality.

What if you could let go of these limiting beliefs by changing how your subconscious mind thinks? That’s where hypnosis can help you. It replaces negative thoughts in your subconscious. When you change the thoughts and beliefs in your subconscious, your “auto-pilot” program (that controls most of your life) changes.

Being able to change your subconscious changes how you act 88% of the time because your subconscious is responsible for 88% of your thoughts, behaviors and actions. When you replace these negative thoughts with new, positive beliefs through hypnosis, your subconscious works FOR you, rather than AGAINST you. That’s substantial!

Through hypnosis and visualization, my recordings can help you release the old limiting thoughts and replace them with new, abundant beliefs. This abundance can affect all aspects of your life. Take a few minutes to select the titles that are most appealing to you. A few minutes in hypnosis everyday can transform your life!